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Every organization should utilize the power of these three training and development programs and have them in place as part of their regular, ongoing training and development curriculum to energize, engage their people and by doing so gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

These core three programs are:
1. The Core 5 Training: Training and conditioning program to permanently establish company’s Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Core Values, and the Core Story vertically and horizontally. 

2. The Triple C: Customer Centric Culture training program: Comprehensive customer service training and engagement program based on emotional intelligence and all about the subject of taking care of internal and external clients and relationships. 

3. SAM: Stress & Anxiety Management program: Stress is the biggest obstacle for efficient mental processing. Decision-making, memory, perception, cognition and all of the other brain-related activities, such as, communication, collaboration are all negatively impacted by stress. By improving the stress management capabilities of your people you are actually improving their output capabilities across the board.  

The power of these 3 fundamental training programs will ensure internal core alignment and will serve as the foundation for your organizational and cultural expression. 

Do you think that all of your people should know what your company stands for, what are your core brand messages, your core mission statement, core beliefs, and values by heart?

Do they though? 

Or, wouldn’t it be a tremendous help if all of your employees would be conditioned to handle any type of nastiness, and be able to troubleshoot any type of customer/client relations’ situation and create absolute client satisfaction? 

Can they though? 

And by the way, clients are not just your costumers, but also your employees in different departments, and other stakeholders like suppliers, service providers are also clients. 

If relationships are everything, shouldn’t you train all of your people to be relationship ninjas?  

Are they though? 

And, what about stress and anxiety management? 

If stress and anxiety are some of the biggest hijackers of critical thinking, decision-making and all of the other fundamental mental functions, which in science is referred as the executive functioning of the brain, then wouldn’t training people on how to deal with stress effectively be of fundamental value and importance. 

Don’t you think by helping your employees to be better at defending their mental processes from stress and anxiety help your business? 

Think about it, the defense systems of your employee's mental capabilities allows them to learn more, be more and do more. Their defense system is your defense system; you’re on the same team, aren’t you? Not to mention that you help them to be healthier, and that’s, god’s work all day, plus you’ll drive your health care costs and turnover rates down.   

Learn more, be more, so you can do more. 


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