Organizational Wellness, Training, Marketing and Engagement Consulting + Solutions

ZAR.INK is a Consulting + Training, Development, Marketing and Engagement Solutions company with its core based on culture and mindfulness. 

We are a consulting group specializing in training, development and conditioning, branding, marketing, culture, digital media, technology and content production. Naturally, our products and services are the syntheses of our specialties. 

We specialize in delivering employee training and development, conditioning and engagement programs, services, consulting and products aligned with your corporate strategies, cultural and marketing initiatives.

The company was founded in 2015 by Hayk Zar Andriasyan (CEO/Director of Training and Development). Throughout the short period of its operations, we successfully served and consulted with some of the world's biggest fortune 500 companies small and middle market business CEOs and executives on employee development strategies and wellness programs. We created internal brand engagement programs, cross-cultural integration programs and events for leading IT, medical, biotech, transportation and pharmaceutical corporations.


We're a young, modern company with growth, mindfulness, fun, innovation, creativity, technology, research, value, opportunity and professionalism as our core drivers.

It is all in the name, ZAR means aspiring to be great; and INK is the ink, the content, the medium of communication. It all starts with capturing the initial ideas on the page, defining the problems and creating solutions. it's all done through critical, creative thinking and inking. There you have it ZAR.INK Consulting+ Training, Marketing and Engagement Solutions.

Our purpose as a service provider is to figure out how people, processes, operations, brands, and organizations can optimize, maximize and automate their core processes for maximum impact in the marketplace, online and internally, within their own organization.


  • CORE 5 Strategy
  • Emotional Conditioning™ System
  • Somatic Relaxation Technique™
  • Mindfulness+ Leadership Program
  • Mindfulness+ Influence Program
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Invest in yourself. Invest in your team. Train. Condition. Engage.
— Hayk Z. A.


Companies who acquired our workplace wellness, engagement and leadership programs and consulting services: