Whether you’re trying to engage your employees, B2B or B2C clients, search engines, social media audiences, or you’re trying to get any other type of attention from anyone else, the key word is engagement.

  • Over 70% of US employees are disengaged, under-engaged at work.
  • The rising costs of disengagement are reaching over $500 billion each year.
  • It is in every company’s best interest to identify employee and customer engagement issues and address them with innovative solutions.

Innovation in leadership, management, in corporate culture, training and development systems, internal and external messaging play a huge role in reversing the effects of disinterest, dis-involvement and disengagement of the personnel.

Key engagement drivers, top 3 engagement stimulants published by Aon Hewitt:

  • Brand Alignment
  • Recognition
  • Career Opportunities

Think about it for a minute. Customers and employee engagement is actually the core business of every successful business. Engagement is the foundation, the basement of every business; everything else gets built on top of it. At the end of the day, when you strip down all the external components of businesses, at the core it is the business of engagement.