Meditation Music for Music MeditationS. 

Manage your Sonic Environment.

Meditation Music by ZAR.INK for Music Meditation and for meditative practices like yoga autogenic training qigong tai chi massage therapy biofeedback for visualization sessions, hypnotherapy psychotherapy and for other stress management modalities

ZAR.INK Meditation Music Sessions are sonic sensory stimulation systems designed to help with sonic environment management during therapeutic practices. ZAR.INK Meditation Music helps practitioners during Zen Meditation, Vipassana, Active Listening, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage Therapy, our systems are suitable for SPA and Yoga studios, Tai Chi, Reiki, Qigong practitioners, ZAR.INK Meditation Music works great for medical offices, hospitals, it helps pre and post surgical patients to deal with anticipatory stress and anxiety, it also has been helpful for people with ADD, general Anxiety, for people who experience Panic Attacks, Depression, Sleep Deprivation Disorder and for general well being and stress management.

ZAR Meditation Music Sessions were born out of necessity to manage the sonic environment for massage and meditation rooms with an appropriate therapeutic music.

Sonic landscape is a very important component of a proper meditation and clinical treatment environment for concentration and relaxation reasons. Sonic environment plays a big role for meditative practices like yoga, autogenic training, qigong, tai chi, massage therapy, biofeedback therapy, it’s important for visualization sessions, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and for other stress management modalities.

Playing appropriate meditation music enables us to manage and modify the sonic environment of the space by blocking and countering unwanted and disturbing sounds, be it the neighbor’s dog barking, construction noise outside the windows, someone arguing on the phone next door, traffic generated noise or gadget generated sounds.

Proper meditation music not only helps to manage the sonic landscape of the space, but it also helps the to drive the mind’s attention inwardly, it helps the meditator to harmonize to the meditation music and change the rhythm of their body and the mind.

Hayk Zar Meditation Music Session 1 - Robots Have A Soul Too (Dedicated To VIPASSANA) by ZAR

“Robots Have A Soul Too” - Meditation Music Session 1 was born, and it's dedicated to Vipassana, the Insight meditation technique. The session starts with a little cello peace, which acts as a bridge, and is helping the mind to transition from the surface level to its deeper levels. Our meditation music sessions help the meditators to arrive to the deeper meditative state in few minutes, the melodic cello sound hooks and holds the attention note my note, phrase by phrase, helps to cultivate the attention, spine it, and then tosses it into the meditation space. Please listen to the session and share some of your thoughts with us, let us know if the session helped in your practice.

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